“A hungry Nurse is an angry Nurse and a potential killer”, Unpaid Rotation Nurses and Midwives cry out

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Coalition of 2019/2020 Rotation Nurses & Midwives

A group calling itself the “Coalition of 2019/2020 Rotation Nurses and Midwives” in the Upper West Region has called on government to as a matter of urgency pay their service allowances to avoid any future crisis.

According to the group, government has not paid them any allowances since they commenced their mandatory national service in April 2019. “The government has refused to pay us our service allowances after we have worked for 6 complete months” the group stated.


At a press conference held 7th October 2019 in Wa, the Coalition of 2019/2020 Rotation Nurses and Midwives claimed government’s deliberate refusal to pay them their service allowances is affecting quality service delivery at their various health centers. The interns further claimed that they are unable to pay rent, utility bills, transportation and even feed themselves. This they believe is gradually affecting their general output at work, stating that “empty sacks do not stand upright” and “a hungry nurse is an angry nurse and a potential killer”.

The group also raised “red flag” over a recent response from the Ministry of Health regarding the release of financial clearance for the 2019/2020 year group of rotation nurses. They believe the said clearance was just to calm nerves whiles in reality nothing is being done. Several concerns including the secrecy of the said clearance, unspecified proposed deductions, undue delay in the release of financial clearance are equally of concern to the group.

The group therefore called on government to pay their allowances and all areas in accordance with the 2019 single spine salary structure for health interns latest by 30th October, 2019. Failure by government to heed the call would result in the “unthinkable”, the group threatened.