Sports Minister inspects work progress at Wa Youth Resource Centre

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The Minister of Sports, Isaac Kwame Asiamah has paid a visit to the site of the Wa Youth & Sport Resource Centre to ascertain the progress of work done by the contractor. After touring the facility, Mr Asiamah expressed satisfaction at the work done so far, though the contractor has exceeded the initial nine month schedule. According to the Minister, the contract duration has been extended by five months due to some technical challenges encountered by the contractor. Mr Asiamah believes the center when completed, will help unearth and promote talents in the Upper West Region. ”This region has been deprived of such infrastructure for a long time so I am happy that government is intervening in the provision of sports infrastructure for the Upper West Region, talents are here, skills are here so Ghana will benefit ultimately.”

The project when completed will be a 5000 capacity multi-purpose mini stadium with tennis and basketball pitches. Other facilities will include shops, restaurant, counselling hall, changing rooms and offices.
The supervising consultant, Mr Joe Hackman believes the project will be completed within the “extended period” so it can be commissioned simultaneously with similar projects across the country.
Similar projects are being constructed in all the regions across the country.