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Hon Salifu Yakubu, NPP PC Aspirant, Wa East

Aspiring parliamentary candidate of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Wa East Constituency, Salifu Yakubu, has declared his intentions to create opportunities that will empower grassroot members of the Party in the constituency if given the nod. He said it is important to satisfy polling station executives first as they are most significant in ensuring the Party comes to power.

Addressing party supporters after filing his nomination forms at the party’s office in Bulenga on Wednesday, February 19, Mr. Salifu stated that “the polling station executives are the bedrock of the party. They are the engine of the party, they are the people who go house to house to campaign, they are the people that will (take) the Party to higher levels”. He further indicated that making polling station executives and the grassroots happy will translate into the success of the Party as people use them as a benchmark for the performance of the Party or the Member of Parliament.

To this end, the former Deputy Regional Organizer of the NPP said he will ensure delegates are made happy by opening earning opportunities for them. “I will support them with basic things such as business and employment opportunities”, he stated, further noting that, it is important to create opportunities that can help improve the businesses of delegates than to give them money. He said contracting loans to be paid after harvest for farmers and acquiring farm implements will go a long way to helping the grassroots of the party in the Wa East constituency who are mostly into farming.

Hon Salifu submitting form to Constituency Elections Committee secretary

Mr. Salifu Yakubu, who lost the 2015 primaries to the incumbent, was optimistic that the delegates will repose their confidence in him this time to lead the NPP in the upcoming parliamentary elections. While acknowledging the contribution of the current Member of Parliament, Hon Godfred Bayon Tangu, who is serving his third term, Hon Salifu opined that the party needs new blood for the 2020 elections.  He averred that the NPP’s tradition “believes in service to the party. If you serve the party, you will be rewarded.” According to Hon him, he has served the party for two decades without relenting on his efforts, adding that, even after losing the 2015 primaries, he worked hard to ensure the NPP won both the presidential and the parliamentary elections in the constituency. This, Mr. Salifu believes, the delegates will remember and choose him as the next servant to lead the party to the 2020 polls.

Hon Yakubu who was in charge of the NPP 2016 collation center in the Wa East constituency also pledged to offer his support to anybody who emerges winner “in the unlikely event that I am not chosen by the delegates”. He further cautioned his followers and supporters not to attack or insult other contestants during the campaign as it is a family affair. He encouraged them to remain peaceful and calm in telling delegates why they should choose Salifu Yakubu as their Parliamentary Candidate.

Constituency Elections Committee members, Wa East

Hon Salifu Yakubu was accompanied by dozens of party sympathizers including delegates from various parts of the constituency to submit the nomination forms. He goes into the contest with three others including the incumbent who aspires for a fourth term in parliament.

Meanwhile, the secretary of the Wa East Constituency Election Committee upon receiving the nomination forms assured Hon Salifu of a level playing ground for all aspirants. He also called on him and his supporters to conduct their campaigns devoid of personal attacks and character assassination as that will be detrimental to the fortunes of the party after the primaries.