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His Excellency Former President Jerry John Rawlings

A pro National Democratic Congress (NDC) group, Association for Transparent and Accountable Governance (ATAG) has posited that the NDC is well positioned to wrestle power from the New Patriotic Party in 2020 even if the party’s founder, Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, will not support the campaign. The group in a four-page statement said there is clear indication that the NDC’s founder will not take center stage in the party’s bid to win the 2020 elections, but that, his absence in the campaign cannot stop the NDC from achieving the feat.

According to ATAG, the days of depending on individuals to win elections are long gone. While admitting the influence former president Rawlings wields in Ghana’s geopolitical space, the group stressed that, “it is also an undisputable fact that the NDC as a party has gone through all the stages of group formation including forming, storming, norming and performing. The statement further stated that, the NDC party ”have matured enough over a span of twenty-five years to stand on structures and not on individuals or personalities and therefore is in a better position to win the 2020 elections with or without its founder”.

ATAG opined that, “former President Rawlings seems to have no iota of love for the NDC in his heart again based on his pronouncements in recent times”, adding that he only carries the title as a “founder” of the party. The group therefore urged lovers of the largest opposition party who still hope and yearn for the former president to take center stage in the NDC 2020 campaign to accept the reality that the NDC will go into next year’s elections without their “founder”. For the group, members of the party are not expelling Mr. Rawlings from the party for fear of spilling the already spilled beans.“ATAG is however not surprised for the bad fate shown by former President Rawlings to the NDC party he founded and his new statesmanship position and culture of silence since the assumption of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo into power in January 2017.” Part of the statement read, adding that many were surprised to learn that “former President Rawlings was among the privileged few personalities His Excellency Nana Addo commended and appreciated immediately after winning [the] 2016 elections.”

The group also observed that former President Rawlings has been tamed since the inception of the NPP government on January 7, 2017 “and his usual booming and fuming, his probity, integrity and accountability statements, finding faults with every president that came after him including those from his own party became a thing of the past”. ATAG questioned John Rawlings’ resolve not to comment about the many scandals being witnessed under the current administration. “So, is Mr. Rawlings saying that all the negative happenings under His Excellency Nana Addo and family government in recent times got his endorsement as a crusader against corruption?”

Despite the seeming absence of support from Chairman Rawlings, ATAG believes that the general elections will not be a matter for the NDC alone, “but a bread and butter issues for all Ghanaians since our pilot has panicked and lost control and therefore about to crash the Boeing 707”. This, the group concluded, will present victory to the NDC as the NPP government will be evicted by electorates on December 7, 2020. Ghanaians, according to ATAG, will give the NDC another nod to come and continue with the quality leadership and monumental development in the areas of socioeconomic and infrastructural development which they brought in their previous stints in government.