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The Upper West Regional Secretariat of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has dared the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to sue the NPP’s regional chairman, Mr. Saanbaye Baslide Kangberee, if they (NDC) feel comments he made in the aftermath of the NPP primaries in the Daffiama-Bussie Issa constituency have any criminal intent.

In a press conference addressed by the party’s Regional Communication Director, Mr. Bukari Ali, the NPP said the allegations that their chairman is plotting to kill the Member of Parliament for the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa constituency, Dr. Sebastian Sandaare, are preposterous and baseless. Mr. Bukari said the NDC is only seeking to misinform and cause confusion among the people of the Upper West region by using “their own twisted interpretation of the words used by the NPP Regional Chairman.

He therefore urged the NDC to test the law if they believe they have a case or do the needful by apologizing to Chairman Kangberee and the general public for peddling falsehood.

It will be recalled that the NDC through its communication bureau led by the Regional Communication Officer, Mr. Puo-ire Prosper, accused the NPP’s Regional Chairman, S.B Kangberee, of recklessness and irresponsibility in an interview he granted the media during the NPP primaries. The NDC said Mr. Kangberee was insinuating the death of the DBI MP with comments, which they took serious exception to as the “loosed talk constitutes substantial threat to the life of Hon. Dr. Sebastian Sandaare”.

The umbrella party in the Monday, October 14, 2019 press conference said they will hold Mr. Kangeberee responsible should anything untoward happen to Hon Sandaare, and called on constituents of the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa to do same for “the safety and security of their MP”. The NDC further demanded the Regional Chairman of the ruling NPP to withdraw the “reckless” comment that suggests the sitting NDC MP for the DBI may die and apologize for same. The NDC believed that the comments by Mr. Kangberee “are premeditated and an integral part of a diabolical scheme to annex the DBI seat at all cost to satisfy his empty political ego”.

But the NPP on Thursday, October 17, 2019 rejected the demand for an apology, saying Mr. Kangberee has said or done nothing wrong to apologize for. The elephant fraternity through their Regional Communication Director said it is rather “Mr. Puo-ire Prosper and his colleagues who owe the NPP Regional Chairman, the NPP and the general public an unqualified apology for continuously and repeatedly lying to the public”.

Ali Bukari, NPP Regional Communication Director – UW/R

Bukari Ali explained that, Chairman Kangberee was only calling for unity among the party members to rally behind the NPP Parliamentary Candidate to win the DBI seat irrespective of the person sitting on it. “He (Kangberee) indicated that, it didn’t matter who won or who lost, but that, winning the seat was more important than the person who sits on the seat as [Member of Parliament].” He clarified, adding “that it is not a particular person per se that we should focus on, since any human being could take ill or even die at any time”. Mr. Bukari noted that the constitution has even made provision for such unfortunate happenings, the reason there exists a provision to conduct by-elections where a sitting MP dies or becomes incapacitated to continue his duties.

The NPP said it will be mindboggling for any right thinking person to announce to the media his intention to murder another, concluding that it “smacks of hypocrisy and blatant insult to the intelligence of the people of Ghana” for the NDC to want the public to believe in their twisted story.

The DBI seat is currently occupied by Hon Dr. Sebastian Sandaare of the National Democratic Congress who was again acclaimed as the Parliamentary Candidate for the 2020 general elections. It is believed that the seat is one of the major targets for the New Patriotic Party in the Upper West Region. The NPP also elected the current District Chief Executive for the area as their Parliamentary Candidate for the next general elections.