Intellectual Ladies of NDC Congratulates Prof Opoku-Agyeman, says her nomination exhibits Mahama’s Commitment to Women Empowerment

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Asheeka Latif Khalid – President, Intellectual Ladies of NDC

A group calling itself Intellectual Ladies of National Democratic Congress has lauded the nomination of Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyeman as the running mate to partner John Dramani Mahama for the 2020 general elections.

The group, at a press conference in Wa, the Upper West regional capital, addressed by Madam Asheeka Latif Khalid, congratulated Prof Opoku-Agyeman and said she remains an icon to many women in Ghana and beyond. “You have been allotted a seat well deserved in the high echelon of our national politics”. Madam Asheeka said, echoing that, the nomination of Madam Naana Jane “is a renewable spirit of true commitment to inclusive democracy and this amplifies the voice of women”.

Madam Asheeka who is President of the Intellectual Ladies of National Democratic Congress (NDC) further described the choice of Professor Opoku-Agyeman as a morale booster for women and pledged that “you have our undying support to secure victory for the party”.

The ladies also expressed their profound gratitude to John Dramani Mahama for choosing a female as his vice presidential candidate for the oncoming elections. They noted that such a nomination exhibits the former president’s “leadership style and view of an inclusive democracy” and a proof that President Mahama is committed to women empowerment. “We wish to thank you immensely for the recognition [given to women]”, the group said and vowed to “rally behind [John Mahama] through thick and thin for this rescue mission to be executed”.

Intellectual Ladies of National Democratic Congress is a group of women in the Upper West Region who have come together to promote the ideals of the NDC and to campaign for the party to retake power in the 2020 general elections.

The group president also debunked claims that women become arrogant when in leadership positions. She opined that “leadership does not make people arrogant”, explaining that arrogant and disrespectful women are usually arrogant from childhood but only showcase their arrogance when in position of leadership. Asheeka Latif Khalid called on the general public especially political parties to support and give more opportunities to females as they have a lot to offer for national development. She however advised that women of substance, and not just any woman, should be given such opportunities as she posited that arrogant and disrespectful women do not deserve to lead.