We won’t tolerate any needless attacks on Speaker Bagbin again – Upper West Youth warns NPP

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Some concerned youth in the Upper West region has demanded an immediate stop to the unwarranted vitriolic attacks on the persona of the Rt. Hon Speaker of Parliament, Alban Sunmana Kingsford Bagbin, and by extension, the people of the Upper West region by the government of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and its assigns.

According to the group at a press conference held in Wa Tuesday, December 28, 2021, the continuous needless attacks on the first opposition Speaker are just a calculated attempt to denigrate the reputation of the Speaker, and a smear campaign to cause public disaffection for him. They describe the attacks on Alban Bagbin as an attack on the people of the Upper West region and thus vow not to tolerate it any longer.

“We see these targeted attacks on the Speaker as attacks on the entirety of the Upper West Region, and as youth, we cannot continue to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear anymore”, they stated.

The group described the Rt. Hon Speaker as an institution who is well grounded with parliamentary practices and procedures, and respected the world over for his prowess in the lawmaking business. It therefore comes as a surprise to them why such unreasonable attacks will be meted out on the Speaker just because he is carrying out his lawful duties to safeguard the laws and the citizens of Ghana.

The youth expressed their belief that Alban Bagbin will not frustrate government business as the Speaker, same way “he will not allow himself to be pushed around as an appendage of the Executive”. They further believe that with the kind of parliament Ghanaians voted for, the best person to help realize its benefits is Alban Bagbin who has seen it all in Parliament.

They posited that, the ill-intended allegations and claims against the Speaker by individuals in government will not wash, and that blaming the Speaker for the obstruction of government business in the House is a coverup for the failed leadership of the Majority group in Parliament to ensure the prosecution of the government business as required of them.

The group noted that, they are not against constructive criticisms against the Speaker, what they would not take, however, is the ungrounded attacks and invectives hurled at the Speaker. While registering their displeasure at the unprovoked attacks on the Speaker by the NPP and their apparatchiks, the group urged the Majority group in Parliament to learn how to build consensus with the Minority rather than engaging in vile propaganda against the venerable Alban S.K Bagbin. They indicated that, the only way the business of the “limping and inept” government can progress steadily in the House is through effective and necessary dialogue and consensus building.

The concerned youth also hailed and commended the NDC caucus in Parliament for standing against the passage of the “monstrous and obnoxious E-levy bill into law”. They said such resilience by the Minority group is needed going forward to protect the interest of ordinary Ghanaians against bad policies by the government.

The press conference was organized by a cross-section of youth in the region and addressed by Awudu Ishaq, the National Communication Secretary of the Peoples National Convention (PNC).