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Minister of Aviation, Mr. Joseph Kofi Ada, has disclosed that plans are underway to construct additional aprons at the Wa Airport. He said the move is necessary as it is observed that the only small apron currently at the airport is affecting optimum operations at the facility.

On a working visit to the airport on Thursday, August 20, Mr. Kofi Ada said government is committed to addressing the challenges facing the Airport, including the construction of additional aprons, in a bid to increasing commercial activities at there.

“The Ghana Airports Company already has in its plans to construct another apron. They have done their budget for the year, they have done the allocation”. The Minister stated, but added that the construction is being delayed due to financial constraints. “It is all a budgetary matter. I think they are constrained with the funds because of the covid-19. They are actually down to zero revenue flowing in.” Mr. Kofi Ada said it will however be re-looked at to ensure that the construction begins soon. He further pledged to encourage the Ghana Airports Company to do two more aprons.

Speaking on other challenges impeding the efficient operations of the Wa Airport, the Minister noted obstruction by radio stations and telecom networks masts, transmission interference by telecoms frequencies and lack of refueling plants, which he said government is earnestly working to resolve.

According to Hon Joseph Kofi Ada, there have been concerns raised by pilots on how a number of masts in Wa town are affecting their movement. The telecom and radio masts are said to be in the line of approach of the aircrafts. This, he said, has led management of the airport “to reduce the length of the runway by 70 meter” to make it easy for flights to land even though it is affecting them. He however disclosed that “we are already in touch with the telecom companies [and radio stations]. We have agreed on them relocating the masts. It is a matter of looking at the time”.

On the interference by frequencies, the Minister said the National Communication Authority has been asked to look at the bandwidths allocated to the telecom companies and adjust them if need be so as to allow for effective communication between airport operators and flight captains.

Mr Kofi Ada further indicated that, refueling facility will be established in Wa with a new operation tower in the offing. He assured that anything necessary to ensure maximum usage of the Wa Airport will be taken care of as it is part of the president’s agenda to put all infrastructural facilities are full utilization.