UW/R: Police Commander Encourages Formation of Neighbourhood Watch Committees to Fight Crime

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DCOP Francis Aboagye Nyarko, Regional Police Commander – UW/R

The Upper West Regional Police Commander, DCOP Francis Aboagye Nyarko has called on residents in the region to help the police service in the fight against crime by forming Neighbourhood Watch Ccommittees. He said the initiative is very positive at ensuring that crime in the Upper West is reduced.

According to DCOP Aboagye Nyarko, the Upper West region is generally peaceful in recent times due to the support of residents in the various communities. He said some communities in the region have formed neighbourhood watch committees which are yielding positive results. The Commander therefore encouraged other communities to embrace the initiative to augment the work of the police in the region. “I will encourage every community to form the neighbourhood watch committees to complement the work of the police, because the police cannot be everywhere.” He urged, adding that “if the neighbourhood watch committees are very vibrant, and operating in the communities, the criminal cannot enter any community”.

While lauding the efforts being made by the existing neighbourhood watch committees, he stated that, another initiative by the police that is reducing crime in the region is the introduction of the escort regime. “All the peace you are enjoying now is through the escort regime and the Neighbourhood Watch Committees.” He noted that “the community is vulnerable” and thus called on residents “to take advantage of the escort regime” to avoid been attacked by miscreants. “Everywhere you are going, if you are leaving Wa community especially after 6:00pm, come to the police for escort. We need you to help the police to enable the police to help you”.

DCOP Francis Aboagye Nyarko made this call while addressing participants at the inauguration and graduation ceremony of the WK.M Karate-Do Association at the Naa Sidik Bomi Park in Wa last Sunday, 8th March, 2020.

The police boss in the region appreciated the support of the WK.M Karate-Do Association to the police in the region especially the SWAT unit. He disclosed that personnel of the Service have benefited from the knowledge of karate which has complemented their work. He assured leadership of the Association the continuous collaboration of the Regional Police Command and encouraged them to continue to do their work as it will greatly benefit residents in the region.

The inauguration ceremony also saw some six trainees promoted to various ranks in Karate-Do.