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The Executive Director of the Community Development Alliance (CDA), Salifu Issifu Kanton, has charged leadership of the Wa Campus of the University for Development Studies (UDS) to wake up to their duties and ensure that the institution is appealing to students and the general public or watch it die off.

Speaking on W93.5Fm’s socio-political talk show programme, Hot Spot, Mr. Kanton who is a past student of the UDS said the look of a school’s environment contributes to effective learning at the school. He however noted that the Wa campus of the UDS which is awaiting presidential assent to be an autonomous university known as the University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (UBIDS) “currently doesn’t look attractive” which is the reason for the declining number of people who have interest in joining the institution. He is of the view that, with the current state of the Wa campus of the UDS, no student or lecturer will want to recommend the University to their friends or relatives.

“It is not just the teaching that makes a university; the entire environment must give an ambience for learning. That ambience is what attracts people to want to even sign onto that university” he opined. “The University (UDS-Wa campus) seems to be nose-diving to a certain realm that if we don’t take care it may get extinct. There are so many administrative pettiness, and ethnic, tribal cleavages and alliances that are counterproductive to the emancipation of the University” he added.

The CDA boss further lamented the filthy environment of the University campus and bemoaned the lack of facelift on the University’s infrastructural facilities. “When I visit UDS Campus today, I am embarrassed. I have never seen any university campus so bushy that people have even farmed to the extent that you could see corn almost at the entrance of hostels. [The] buildings look already dilapidated, and it is as if when they were built till now not even a drop of paint was thrown on any wall of them. Everything is in a sorry state!”

To this, the UDS alumnus appealed to the management to stop all squabbles and “sit up to make the University a real university for the good of everybody in Ghana, particularly those who live in the Upper West Region”. He said this is the time for people entrusted with the job of leading the university to be innovative and think about solutions that will help make the University a world class university.

Meanwhile, the Coalition of Concerned Citizens in the Upper West region has accused the Vice Chancellor of the UDS and the central administration of scheming to collapse the Wa Campus before it becomes an autonomous university. They alleged that study programmes that attract prospective students are being moved from the Wa campus with admission intake also reducing drastically. The Coalition also threatened to hit the streets if the regional minister does not swiftly intervene to stop what is described as an anomaly.