Rashid Pelpuo seeks renewal to complete tenure as President of APF on Population and Development

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Member of Parliament for the Wa Central Constituency, Dr. Hassan Abdul-Rashid Pelpuo, has appealed to his constituents to extend his stay in Ghana’s Parliament beyond 2024. This, he said, will enable him to complete his tenure as the President of the Africa Parliamentary Forum (APF) on Population and Development.

Hon. Pelpuo was elected President for the APF on Population and Development on July 23, 2022 in Ethiopia for a term of three years. As such, he is expected to serve in the office until 2025 beyond his current term as an MP which expires in 2024.

Following his election to the high office, the former deputy majority leader returned home last Saturday, 30th July, 2022, to inform his constituents of the “good news” and to seek for their prayers and support to succeed in the office. He paid courtesy calls on the Wa Naa, the Yeri Naa, the Regional Chief Imam, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission and other notable individuals, and explained to them the importance of his new office to the people of Wa Central.

The leader of the Upper West Caucus in Parliament who is serving his fifth term as MP thanked the constituents for keeping faith with him all these years, which resulted in his rise to this international stardom. He said people should see his occupation of the office as an honour done the people of the Upper West Region, particularly the Wa Central Constituency. The ranking member on the Lands and Forestry Committee thus urged his constituents to continue to keep faith with him, indicating his resolve to listen to their demands and suggestions as he strives to further bring development to the area.

Further making a case for the renewal of his tenure, the five terms MP quizzed that “would it not be shameful and disappointing for members of the Africa Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development who elected me their President to come and realise that my own people have rejected me?” He expressed confidence that constituents of the Wa Central will renew his mandate come election 2024 as he believes he has been serving well.

Dr. Abdul-Rashid Pelpuo has been the representative of the Wa Central Constituency in Ghana’s Parliament since 2005. He is seeking for a 6th term in 2024 by which time he would have served 20 years as MP. During this period as MP, he also served in various capacities including as Minister for Youth and Sports and Minister of State in charge of Public Private Partnership under the Mills and Mahama-led NDC administrations.