One Village, One Dam Project; Work Begins In Jirapa Municipality

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The Municipal chief executive for Jirapa, Madam Christine Bombanye Amadu has comissioned the construction of two dams in the Jirapa municipality. The two dams are the first of ten to be constructed this year under the “one village, one dam” project in the Jirapa municipality, with Zakpayiri and Saanwie as beneficiary communities.

Exultant residents throng the site to witness what most thought was a mere campaign promise. The women in particular could not hide their joy “this dam is a relief to us, our children can now engage in dry season gardening instead of migrating down south for non-existent jobs, not to talk of water for our animals”.
Madam Christine thanked the “landlords” for making land available for the project and further solicited their support for a successful completion. The Municipal Chief executive also challenged beneficiaries to put the dam to proper use when completed.
The two dams have been awarded to an Accra based company called Group 6 limited. The first dam to be constructed at Zakpayiri is scheduled to be completed within 3 months; however the site engineer, Mr. Douglas Twum believes the project can be completed in one month. Mr. Twum sighted the company’s capacity and experience in other regions to buttress his point; “we just completed similar projects in the Bongo district of the Upper East Region”.
Mr. Twum recommended regular dredging as a way of maintaining the dam when completed.

By Aziz Pelpuo