Nigeria elections: Pregnant wife stabs husband to death

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A 26-year-old pregnant wife simply identified as Onyiyechi has been arrested by the Lagos state police command for stabbing her husband to death following an argument over the presidential candidates in Saturday’s general election at their home in Ejigbo on Sunday March 29th.

According to a report by Vanguard, the husband was supporting PDP while Onyiyechi supported the APC. An argument over who would win the presidential election degenerated into a fight with the wife stabbing her husband inside their one room apartment at the 81 military zone junction in Ejigbo.

A neighbor in their compound narrated what happened: “We were all outside waiting to vote when Onyiyechi rushed out, shouting for help. Out of curiosity, we all ran inside, only to discover blood all over the ground, on entering their apartment. On closer observation, we noticed that the blood was from her husband chest region. We met him on the ground. Before we could rush him to the hospital, he gave up the ghost.

“From all indication, it was clear that she attempted to manage the situation immediately the incident occurred. It was when she discovered that the situation had overwhelmed her that she raised alarm. I do not know the name of her husband.

“We only know that of his wife, who we fondly call Onyiyechi. The irony of this matter is that she is not cantankerous. She has never beaten a little child, let alone to fight with any neighbor. Again on that day, we saw both of them together. They were seen sitting outside, one hour before the incident occurred. Policemen from Ejigbo later came to remove the corpse to the Isolo morgue” the anonymous neighbor said.

The police arrested the suspect while further investigation into the matter is ongoing as some other version of the story claims the couple got into a fight following a disagreement they had after Onyiyechi decided to grate Okro she was to use in preparing their meal inside their one room apartment.

Her husband is reported to have instructed her to take it out but she refused which sparked a quarrel and then a fight between them.