Frequently Asked Questions on Voter Registration – Electoral Commission of Ghana

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The Commission shall by notice published in the Gazette invite every person who is entitled to be registered as a voter to apply, during a period specified in the notice, to the registration officer for the registration of his name in the divisional register of the electoral area in which he ordinarily resides.

The applicant should appear in person before the registration officer at the registration centre at the time specified by notice in the Gazette by the Commission.

A person appointed to register voters, a person authorized by the Commission to monitor the registration of voters or any person qualified to be registered as a voter may challenge a person applying to be registered as a voter on the ground that the applicant does not satisfy the requirements provided in regulation 1 of this Instrument

Without prejudice to any provision in this Instrument any person qualified to be registered as a voter may make a complaint in the prescribed form concerning the registration process to a registration officer or any of the officials specified in regulation 9 (1) of this Instrument.

An official to whom a complaint is initially made or to whom the complaint is subsequently referred shall make a record of the complaint and either –  resolve the matter to the satisfaction of the complainant; or  refer the matter to the next higher officer of the Commission for further action

Any person who loses his voter I.D. card will within 7 days of becoming aware of the loss report the loss in person to the district officer of the Commission or to a police officer in charge of the nearest police station who will in turn report the loss to the district officer of the Commission within 7 days of the receipt of the report.