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The Acting District Director of the  National Youth Authority in the Wa West district,Mr. Felix Wuurah Bagyiliko has cautioned the public especially the youth in the Wa West district to desist from acts that are likely to mar the existing peace in the country.

According to Mr Bagyiliko, “Ghana must stay united” even after the 2020 general elections.
He made the statement during the launch of a “Youth Peace Project” in the Wa West district capital, Wechiau.

Mr. Felix Wuurah Bagyiliko

The Youth Peace Project is aimed at maintaining peace before, during & after the 2020 general elections.

Presenting on the theme *“The Role of the Youth in Maintaining Peace before, during and after the 2020 General Elections”*, the Upper West Regional Executive Secretary of the National Peace Council, Mr. Emmanuel Danyomah said Ghana has made a  tremendous success in our democracy and therefore  cannot allow this year’s elections to dent that image. He added that, the Upper West Region is already facing several challenges  and  cannot add conflict to it.
According to him, Ghana by it’s geographic location is disadvantaged because it is boarded by Francophone countries to the North, East, West and an Ocean to the South and as a result must not think of election related violence as an option since majority of Ghanaians can neither speak French or swim to survive in case of a civil war in Ghana.

Mr. Emmanuel Danyomah

Mr. Danyomah further advised the youth “not to kill themselves” for aging politicians but rather remain alive to lead the country in the near future.

The district Director for NCCE in the Wa West district,Mr. Nurideen Mumuni, also advised the youth against the abuse of the freedom of speech as enshrined in the 1992 Constitution. He said a lot of people especially those in the political landscape hide under this provision to engage in verbal conflicts which can lead to violence.

Representatives from the two leading political part thus NDC & NPP, made pledges to the peace process on behalf of their respective Parlimentary Candidates and parties.

Ten youth group leaders also signed the Peace Charter developed by the National Youth Authority and witnessed by the Upper West Regional Executive Secretary of the National Peace Council and the Presiding Member of Wa West District Assembly.