We Don’t Need Extension of the Limited Registration in Upper West Region – EC

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The Deputy Regional Director for the Electoral Commission Mr. Osman Ali has indicated strongly that there isn’t any need for an extension of the just ended limited registration exercise. Speaking to w935online.com he was emphatic that all those who were willing to register within the region had done it. ‘Within the last two days of the registration only very few people went to register this shows that almost all those who wished to register have done that’.

According to him, the police have been very helpful in ensuring an incident free registration. ‘The police did their work well especially when tensions mounted in some areas this has led to a violent free registration process’.

The Deputy Regional Director for the EC in the Upper West Region also indicated that the close collaboration between the EC and the Ghana Federation of the Disabled made the exercise smooth for the disabled. ‘We met with them during the exercise and have been in close touch with their leadership and through our deliberations we have been able to resolve their concerns.

Checks by w935online.com on Sunday which was the last day for the registration, revealed how the registration officials at some centres were idling because there were no persons available to register.

The EC of Ghana initiated a ten day registration exercise for first timers and any others who had failed to register in the past.

The W93.5FM Lanbuuri Limited Voter Sensitization initiative is a project funded by STAR-Ghana to foster inclusiveness, unity, equity and kinsmenship amongst citizens regardless of political affiliation, gender, age, religion, privilege, ethnicity and physical capability or otherwise. The project was intended to strengthen and increase inclusive participation of marginalized youth groups-including women, rural dwellers and people with disabilities during the limited voter registration exercise.

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