WA EAST: Inadequate Classrooms And Lack of Furniture Affecting Effective Academic Work At Sogla Basic Schools

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Sogla Dilapidated Primary School

Inadequate infrastructure and total lack of furniture are the major hindrances to effective teaching and learning in Sogla Primary and Junior High Schools in the Wa East District of the Upper West Region. Speaking to W93.5fm, the P. T.A’s Chairman of the school, Mr. Iddrisu lamented that the school is battling adversely with infrastructure deficit that needs urgent attention. According to him, the parents as a result of the dire nature of school infrastructure had mobilized themselves internally and erected sheds to accommodate the children as a temporal measure towards ameliorating their wards’ plight. He bemoans further that, their wards were exposed to harsh weather condition, especially the North-East Trade Wind (Hamattan) season and will not spared when the rainy season sets in, if nothing helpful from government, philanthropists or an NGO. ‘Our school classrooms are not sufficient and as a result, we have mobilized ourselves internally to put up this shed as a temporal structure to shelter our children for academic purposes. We are appealing to the government, philanthropists and Non-Governmental Organizations to come and rescue our children from the harsh weather condition they are exposed to due to inadequate befitting classrooms’’, Mr. Iddrisu prayed. The parents also cited the unavailability of electricity in the community and lack of accommodation for teachers as disincentives to both existing and newly posted teachers to the school. ‘Lack of Teachers’ Bungalow coupled with the absence of electricity demotivate newly posted teachers from accepting posting to school with the existing ones seeking transfers to communities with satisfied social amenities’’, another parent observed.
Touching on the furniture situation in the school, the residents revealed that, the school could not boast of single furniture for both teachers and pupils, compelling the pupils to either squat or lie flat on the floor with their stomachs while learning. ‘

The school has no single furniture for both teachers and pupils to sit on for any meaningful teaching and learning. As a result, the children are always on their knees or lying flat with their stomach on the floor while learning. Sometimes we wonder whether we have leaders’, another parent stated. The population of the two schools cumulatively is about two hundred pupils. Parents in the Sogla community in the Wa East District of the Upper West Region are therefore appealing to the District Chief Executive of Wa East District Assembly; Hon. Dr. Suleman Ewurah, the Member of Parliament for the Wa East Constituency; Dr. Godfred Seidu Jasaw, philanthropists and Non-Governmental Organizations to come their aid.