No registration Day

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W935FM - a sponsor of the 'Register to Vote' Campaign

-By The W93.5FM Lanbuuri Limited Voter Registration Initiative

It is the sixth day since the start of the voter registration period. Today is ‘No Registration’ day. Registration would resume on Wednesday May 4th, 2016. Potential voters have up  to 8th May, 2016 to register to vote. Some registration locations in the Upper West are opened from the 28th to the 2nd of May and others from the 4th to the 8th of May. View the updated  registration location and times HERE.

Find out how to register to vote HERE.

Find out where to register to vote HERE.

Find out frequently asked question about registration HERE

Find out about the rules and eligibility to register to vote HERE

Only  6 days left to register to vote! Tune in to W935FM to find out the latest registration changes . Please join our campaign and get updates by joining the ‘register to vote’ mailing list.

The W93.5FM Lanbuuri Limited Voter Sensitization initiative is a project funded by STAR-Ghana to foster inclusiveness, unity, equity and kinsmenship amongst citizens regardless of political affiliation, gender, age, religion, privilege, ethnicity and physical capability or otherwise. The project is intended to strengthen and increase inclusive participation of marginalized youth groups-including women, rural dwellers and people with disabilities during the limited voter registration exercise.

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W935FM - a sponsor of the 'Register to Vote' Campaign