Mass destruction of Shea trees in Kolingu

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Women in Kolingu, a farming community in the Dorimon traditional area of the Wa West district have resorted to cutting down shea tree for charcoal. Although charcoal burning is not strange in the district, the rate at which shea trees are been fell for charcoal in Kolingu community is alarming. A team from W93.5FM who recently visited the community witnessed several shea trees been fell for commercial charcoal production.
Some of the women who spoke to W93.5FM claimed they resort to charcoal burning because there is no alternative source of livelihood especially during the dry season. ”After the farming season we have nothing else to do than cut these trees for charcoal, we can’t even go into dry season gardening because there is no dam in this community.” The situation which is prevalent in several other communities within the Dorimon electoral area has compelled traditional authorities to pass a by law which prohibit the cutting of shea trees for any purpose.
Speaking exclusively to W93.5FM, the assembly member for the area Olinaa Ababaasa bemoaned the situation and promised to fight the menace with the help of his unit committee. Olinaa further explained that the situation is difficult to deal with because most of the culprits are the wives of very influential people in the society.
The” shea plant” is the most important commercial tree in the Wa West district mostly with women as beneficiaries. It is therefore contradictory to see women destroying the very source of their livelihooh.

By: Ras Bob Pelpuo