Discipleship goes beyond bringing people to Church – Rev. Emmanuel Atami*

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Rev. Emmanuel Batiesim Atami, Chairperson of the UPPER PRESBYTERY of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana  has indicated that, bringing  people to Church is not real discipleship, but rather putting in place measures that can help them live the life of JESUS CHRIST.

Speaking at the 9th Presbytery Conference held in Wa, that brought together Ministers of the Gospel and Lay Preachers within the  Upper East, Upper West and Parts of the Northern Region.

He however stated that Christians must go beyond the habit of filling Churches with people but should as well build them such that they can follow the footsteps of the Lord JESUS CHRIST. He was quick to add stating that, “it might not be as simple and smooth as we wish, but we should all endeavor to renew our energies and continue with the task”.

Rev. Robert Akolbugri, on behalf of the ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH said “We are living in an era when the love of GOD has gone cold and the love for material things is now the focus”.

He added that the youth today have become so vulnerable because of the current situation of high rate of unemployment in the country.

He lamented that this has left the youth with no option than to make it by all means possible, which led to the increasing rate of Social vices in the UPPER WEST REGION and some victims even fall to false prophets who promise them greener pastures.

Delivering a message on behalf of Pentecost  Church, Pastor Henry K. Takyi made a statement saying that everyone wants to be a prophet and only a few have the energy in them to do discipleship.

He said “though we have more Christians in Ghana, but activities such as Corruption, land degradation, Galamsey, armed robbery and others exist amongst them because,  Christians do not want to live like Christ.

He however commended the Presbyterian Church of Ghana for its discipline nature.

The National Mission and Evangelism Director therefore donated thirty bicycles to the UPPER PRESBYTERY to support Missions in carrying out its discipline activities.

This year’s conference was on the theme *“Go And Make Disciples of All Nation! Pursuing this Mandate with Renewed Energy”*