Concern Citizens of Upper West to demonstrate over alleged shoddy works at new hospital site

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Concern Citizens, a pressure group in the upper West region has threatened to embark on a massive demonstration over alleged shoddy works at the new regional hospital site. The threat follows shocking revelations from some former employees at the new regional hospital construction site. According to an informant who spoke exclusively to “Tiyiriyela” on W93.5FM, contractors at the site are engaged in shoddy works just to meet deadlines. He cited leaking roofs at the designated operation theatre, maternity ward, and medical director’s office among others as some of the sloppy works at the site. “Most of the roofs are leaking so anytime it’s raining we are made to put mini buckets inside the ceiling to collect the rain water” he alleged. He further alleged that the situation has compelled the contractors to cast concrete on top of parts of the roofing sheets and in some instances coal tar is used to patch the roof. These allegations were seconded by another employee at the site who spoke on record but under anonymity. It is further alleged that some gutters were constructed without iron rods contrary to the standard practice, also some air-conditioners that were fixed hastily during a visit by then President John Dramani Mahama were immediately replaced with inferior ones after he left.


According to a labourer at the site, the situation is so bad that he has no choice but to speak at the expense of his job. He warned that, the situation if not reversed could make the edifice a white elephant.
Responding to these allegations on W93.5fm, co-convener for Concern Citizens of Upper West Region, Mr. Issahaku Suleman, expressed shock and utmost disgust over the allegations. Mr Suleman also recounted a similar situation he witnessed during a recent visit to the site. “The last time I visited the site, I witnessed a painter covering up similar shoddy works with waterproof paint”.
Mr Suleman who spoke on behalf of the concern citizens of Upper West Region made a passionate appeal to the Upper West Regional minister to as a matter of urgency ensure that the anomalies are rectified, failure could result in a massive demonstration by concern citizens and other pressure groups in the region and beyond. He also appealed to the political leadership of the region to take interest in the development of the region.
W93.5fm will monitor the situation and update the public accordingly.