Awake for unity and social development for Tomorrow – Dagaaba Youth Association (DAYA), STK District branch

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The Dagaabas of all origins, communities residing within the Gonjaland and beyond, on Saturday, 4th May, 2019 gathered at Tuna, under the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District, now in the Savanna Region, unveiled their official mouthpiece and advocacy Group dubbed ‘Dagaaba Youth Association (DAYA).

The ceremony brought together, dignitaries across the STK district that includes; the Great Tunawura (Chief of Tuna), Hon. Alhaji Mumuni Isaac Dramani, representative of His loyalty, Paramount Chief of Bole Traditional Area, Yiram Abdulai Issahaku Kant, and the media, graced and marked the day memorable and successful.

The occasion however, attracted a lot of Dagaabas all over the STK District and beyond, came out in their numbers and displayed their culture, in order to showcase unity and solidarity as one family, despite their slight differences.

DAYA consists of all dialects of Dagaare which inlcudes; the Nandomee, Jirpaalee, Dagawille, Nadowlee, and others.


Addressing the gathering, Mr. Zoyaare John, President of DAYA, has indicated that, like other Associations, the Dagaaba Youth Association also have its Aims and Objectives.

He stated that, first and foremost, the Association is formed “to bring together all Dagaabas of all origins but found within the jurisdiction of Gonjaland and related areas.

Secondly, DAYA is formed “to let us realise the oneness in Dagao rather than the dialectical and geographical distinctions differentiating us….”.

He also said that, the association is a non-partisan and non-political affiliated group and should not be influenced by any political group to disintegrate it.

“It is an association of brotherhood and sisterhood, identifying ourselves culturally and socially and try to see how we can be useful to one another any where we find ourselves” he stated.

However, for the association to ignite full operations, a nine members branch executives were sworn in by the Patron of the entire association, Mr. Dassah Felix to coordinate and manage its activities.

The nine member branch executives sworn into the various portfolios are;
President – Mr. Zoyaare John, Vice President – Mr. Mulnye John, Secretary – Mr. Kaafaa Dramani, Vice Secretary – Mr. Bobordine Blaise Zinepuo and Organiser – Mr. Andaarasaah Charles.

The rest are Women Organiser – Mad. Dayan Faustina, Deputy Women Organiser – Mad. Dart Genevieve, Treasurer – Mad. Ansoayiri Cynthia and Financial Secretary – Mr. Yendoh Emmanuel.

Mr. Zoyaare, President (DAYA), declared that the Association is blessed to have “a well experienced, well informed, cultured and law abiding gentleman, Mr. Dassah Felix as its Patron”.

He further hinted that, there is also a disciplinary committee board, for the Association, in maintaining justice and commitment of the executives.

The Association is mindful of the fact that “we are the baby-last in the Gonjaland; we are therefore making a passionate appeal to the already existing associations such as the Gonjaland Youth Association for which we are part, the Brifor Youth Association and Vagla Youth Association that, we deserve the baby-last protection, guidance and support so that we can nurture well and partner with you to develop STK and Savanna Region for that matter”. Mr. Zoyaare indicated.

After a long text read by Mr. Zoyaare, President (DAYA), therefore concluded stating that, “by the powers vested in me as the president of the Association, I Mr. Zoyaare John on behave of the Patron, executives….. and all Dagaabas in the Gonjaland and beyond, Mr. Chairman permit me to declare the Dagaaba Youth Association (DAYA) duly launched with the theme: “Awake for unity and social development For tomorrow”.