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Natives of Busa; living in and outside Busa community today 28th December, 2021 held a maiden home coming event at the instance of Busa youth Association. The “homecoming” event according to organizers is meant to foster unity and peaceful coexistence among natives and also bring together all persons of Busa origin to set a developmental agenda for the community.

Some female participants posing for a picture

At the maiden event, it was resolved to build a community library and also prioritize the training of some unskilled youth in the community. “Our developmental priority is to construct a community library; we also wish to finance the training of some of our youth with employable skills”

Lead organizer, Adams Toufique explained that the event will rekindle the spirit of patriotism especially among the youth which is a prerequisite in every progressive community, “growing up, our fathers could set aside their differences and work for the progress of Busa. It was through unity and patriotism that our fathers built this community” he said.

Adams Toufique

Adam Toufique expressed satisfaction over the impressive turn up but was quick to convey his disappointment over government’s (NPP) “boycott” of the programme. He said “no government official or NPP functionary showed up for the function although we duly invited them”. He particularly mentioned the Upper West regional minister and the Municipal Chief Executive as some government officials who blatantly refused to honour the invitation. On the other hand, the opposition NDC was duly represented by its Regional chairman in the company of the Wa central constituency chairman and other party functionaries.

Assembly member for Busa electoral area, Mwinyela Mahama could not hide his joy over the event. He said the success of the event has reaffirmed his hopes in a united Busa community.

Hon. Mahama

Hon. Mahama mentioned some potentials of the community including tourism, which can draw investors and developmental partners to the community.

Some tourist attractions in Busa

He reiterated the disappointment of his community over government’s total boycott of the event.

The event brought together hundreds of people of Busa origin including Chiefs, educationists, entrepreneurs and politicians among others