Farmers in Upper West Region call for use of weighing scale as tool for measuring produce

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Farmers in the Upper West Region have bemoaned post-harvest losses suffered as a result of lack of standardized measuring tool in the sale of farm produce. They have therefore called for the usage of standard weight and measurement to curb the cheating by traders.

According to them, the use of standard weighing tools in the sale of farm produce will help them a lot to be able to make profits from their toil.

Seidu Kessia, a farmer in Manwe, a farming community in the Wa East District of the Upper West Region said he will be very happy if there is some kind of policy or directive that will make it mandatory for farmers and traders to use weighing scale to measure food produce. For him, it is about time the government intervened in making available standardized measuring tools for the use in buying and selling farm produce. He said such a move will greatly improve the living conditions of the average farmer.

For Abdulai Sengalge, using a scale will bring standard and uniformity in measuring food produce. He asserts that, traders in buying their farm produce use big measuring bowls of different sizes known in local parlance as “Kookoolaa”, but will use smaller ones when they sell to other consumers.

Mr. Sengalge further indicated that, the way and manner the market women use kookoolaa to measure their maize is mostly a rip off for farmers but enormous gains for the traders. He said introduction and use of weighing scale will eradicate the long held perception of farmers being at the losing end each time they offer their goods for sale.

Meanwhile, a trader Nma Alima said, people come to the market to ask them about using a scale to measure their goods but she is yet to acquire and use one. She added that, the scale is costly and it will be difficult to carry around especially when they are going to the distant markets.

On his part, Mr Felix Kuu-mulo an expert in Standard weight and measurement speaking on W93.5FM’s agriculture programme, Agric Today, indicated that, using the scale system will give accurate measure and price. This he said will eliminate cheating and increase speed in measurement.
He advised that calibrated standard weighing scale is certified by the Ghana Standard Authority for use in Ghana, adding that, there are scales that can be carried along to the very distant markets.

Mr. Kuu-mulo used the opportunity to appeal to traders to accept and embrace the use of standard weight and measurement for a collective benefit.

The Agric Today programme has been running on W93.5fm for 6yrs now. It is a weekly magazine show design to educate, inform and entertain farmers. It gives farmers a platform to seek knowledge and share ideas in the agriculture value chain. The programme is aired every Monday from 8:00pm to 10:00pm.