Education in Wa West: Pupils of Ga D/A Primary Lie on Stomachs to Write

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Lack of furniture in the Ga D/A Primary School in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region has forced pupils in the school to study while sitting on the bare floor or on stones. The situation is so dire that when it is time for taking class exercises, examinations or notes, some of the children resort to lying on their bellies while others lean against the walls to write.

A visit to the school revealed that, of the total population of 409 pupils only 118 have the opportunity to sit on a desk with many of the available furniture also in bad shape. This leaves the 391 majority to learn while sitting on the bare floor. Some teachers in the school expressed dissatisfaction at how difficult it is for them to teach these kids in this situation.

The head teacher of the school, Mr. Mark Ninboge, bemoaned the situation and said it is a big challenge to academic work in the school. While receiving a donation of ten pieces of furniture on behalf of the staff and pupils of the school, he disclosed that calls on education managers in the district to come to the aid of the Ga Primary School have so far yielded no results. According to him, he always report the unhealthy conditions the children go through in their quest to have education to the necessary authorities and pledged to continue to push in ensuring that such bad conditions affecting teaching and learning are addressed.

Meanwhile, Assemblyman of the area, Hon Mumuni Loggu-Naa Ba-nana indicated that the uncomfortable situation has been brought to the attention of some senior members of the Ga community which is beginning to bear fruits for which reason he was at the school. The Assembly member who was at the school to present the desks on behalf of a concerned native of the community believes the situation has the tendency of affecting the academic performance of the pupils. He said something must be done really fast to avoid the pupils from developing health conditions.

Hon Loggu-naa charged the headmaster of the school to ensure the few pieces of furniture donated are put to good use, and advised the pupils to desist from moving the desks around as that will shorten their lifespan.  He further appealed to other benevolent individuals and organisations to help in any form they can to ensure the pupils have better conditions to learn.

The Ga Primary School which was established in 1957 still lacks basic educational facilities including classroom blocks, teaching and learning materials and furniture. The 2no 3-unit classroom blocks serving the over 400 pupils have seen little or no facelift for decades.

The Ga D/A Primary School is not the only school bedeviled with such challenges. Many other schools in the Wa West District have no furniture, deplorable classrooms and lack basic teaching and learning materials.