Dagaaba in Savanna Region given representation on Regional House of Chiefs

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The Council of the Savanna Regional House of Chiefs has admitted the Dagaaba chief in the area, Naa Maxwell Kuubasag-ra, onto the Savanna Regional House of Chiefs as an official member of the House.

This development comes after several years of engagements between the West Gonjaland Traditional Council and the elders of the Dagaaba community in the region. The recognition and acceptance on to the House was realized owing to the fact that the Dagaaba people who migrated from the Upper West region have coexisted peacefully with their landlords, the Gonjas, for many decades.

Speaking at the 3rd Annual Congress of the Dagaaba Youth Association (DAYA), held in Gindabuor on 22 May, 2021, the newly out-doored chief, Naa Maxwell Kuubasag-ra expressed his gratitude to the Council of the Savanna Regional House of Chiefs for welcoming him as the official council member from the side of the Dagaaba people.

Naa Kuubasag-ra also used the opportunity to appeal to the Council and the Yagbonwura to consider a Queen Mother for the Dagaaba, who will champion the affairs of their women in area.

Meanwhile, the Dagaaba Naa called on the crowd to continue to embrace peace and unity, saying that, “without unity, we can never bring development to the Savanna region”. He admonished the Dagaabas to be united with all their neighbours and more importantly with their landlords as that is the ultimate tool that can bring positive socioeconomic development to the entire region.

Naa Maxwell Kuubasag-ra also reminded the gathering of the theme of the Congress – “The Role of DAYA in preventing Environment Degradation” – and thus urged all to contribute to the protection of the vegetative cover. According to him, “majority of Dagaaba in the Savanna region and beyond are peasant farmers”, therefore noting that, endangering the natural environment would adversely affect their agricultural production and consequently, their livelihood.

The 3rd DAYA Congress was well attended by chiefs and political actors in the region including the Savanna Regional Minister, a representative of Yagbon-wura, the District Chief Executive of Tuna-Sawla-Kalba and the Member of Parliament for the constituency.