*COVID-19: Youth Parliament Embarks on Market and Community Sensitization *

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The Upper West Regional Youth Parliament in collaboration with the Network for Young Woman Empowerment and National Youth Authority has taken the fight against the spread of COVID-19 to the door steps of residents of the Wa Municipality of the Upper West Region.

The enhanced campaign to sensitize the public by the Youth parliament and it’s partners has taken the group to places such as, the Wa slaughter house, the Wa Magazine, Wa central market, new market at Zendeli and Fadama.
At the Wa central market, the group observed that buyers and sellers alike were going about their normal routine without observing social distancing and other Precautionary Preventive Measures (PPMs).Traders at this marker however participated in the sensitization programme where proper hand washing, the use of hand sanitizer, the use of face mask and social distancing were taught through the use of a Public Address System.

Secretary to the Network for Young Women Empowerment, Miss. Umufadilu Zakaria lamented over the non adherence to the safety measures by the traders, she therefore pleaded with them to observe social distancing and avoid the habit of coming to the market everyday.

Meanwhile Speaker of the Upper West youth parliament, Rt. Hon. Sumaila Shaibu Poleenaa said the activities are been carried out without any external financial support “there is nothing like funding or donor support so we had to contribute little by little to ensure that we undertake these activities”. He therefore added that, the group will welcome any form of support from individuals, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Faith Based Organizations to enrich the outreach programmes.

Rt Hon Polenaa also said it was necessary to take the education on COVID-19 to such public places because “not every citizen has access to television or radio to listen to the COVID-19 messages”.
The group intends to extend the sensitization programme to communities outside the Wa Municipality in the coming days.