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The Upper West regional minister, Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih, has appealed to media practitioners in the region to avoid negative reportage and join hands in promoting the region by telling positive stories about the area. He said due diligence should be observed when reporting to avoid fake and negative stories. This, he believes, will help attract investors and professionals to come to the region.

Recounting reasons why some people, especially health workers, do not accept postings to the region, the Minister mentioned “bad press” as a cause. To him, the continuous publication of negative stories at the neglect of positive ones about the Upper West region is a matter of concern as potential workers and investors do not feel safe to be in the region. He opined that, a young nurse who feels there are no good schools for her children or that security situation is bad will most likely refuse posting to the region. The Minister was however optimistic that the negative mentality people have about the region can, and will change if the media begin to report the good news and minimize the bad ones.

According to Hon Bin Salih, the media has been very supportive since he assumed office as the regional minister. “I have enjoyed your support since I came. I have been one of the regional ministers with wide media coverage”. He however urged the media to “leave sensationalism and let’s promote the region” as he called for support and cooperation in the year 2020.

Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih also revealed that, the Regional Coordinating Council will organize “three or four Meet the Press (series) before elections” to account to the people projects and policies being implemented.

The Minister was speaking at a press soiree organized for the media and various heads of departments in the region to usher in the New Year.

Honourable Hafiz Bin Salih also told the gathering that, the Upper West Region has benefited from all major policy initiatives implemented since the New Patriotic Party took power in 2017. He said the region has seen major improvements in various sectors including education, health, agriculture, security and water and sanitation.