U/W: Help us serve you better – VRA/NEDCO appeals to customers

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The district supervisor of VRA/NEDCO for Wa area, Mr. Martin Ayimedu, has appealed to residents of the Wa Municipality to protect assets of the company to enable it serve them better.

Mr Ayimedu

Speaking exclusively to W93.5FM, Mr. Ayimedu complained about the insecurity surrounding VRA/NEDCO equipment, which according to him continues to affect the quality of service delivery. He cited encroachment at the VRA/NEDCO sub stations, siting of temporal and permanent structures under high tension lines and blockage of access routes to their transformers as some major challenges. Mr. Ayimedu pointed out several locations within Wa town where persons have blocked access to VRA transformers, “making maintenance and fault clearing difficult”.

Encroachment at a VRA transformer

It will be recalled, a few months ago, that the Wa Municipal Assembly had to forcefully demolish some temporal structures along the Naa Sidiki Bomi II Park to enable the VRA gain access to one of its faulty transformers. Although the demolishing exercise did not go down well with the owners of these structures, VRA/NEDCO believes more of such needs to be carried out across the municipality.

On his part, the regional manager for VRA, Mr. Eugene Addo explained that persons living or operating businesses close to VRA transformers are not only posing a danger to the equipment, but “they are at risk themselves”. Mr Addo further hinted that his office will soon embark on an exercise to secure all transformers by getting rid of such encroachers.

Meanwhile, checks by W93.5fm confirm the claim of encroachment by VRA/NEDCO. Some of these supposed encroachers however blamed the situation on lack of coordination by the various stakeholders involved in the planning of the Municipality.

For example, owners of some temporal structures sited under “high tension cables” claimed they acquired the space through the Wa Municipal Assembly, and showed some documents as proof of payment or permission to occupy such space.