G.M.O Court Case: Court Rules In Favour Of Food Sovereignty Ghana

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The Accra Human Rights Court has thrown out an objection challenging the jurisdiction of the court to try the case involving the authorisation of confined field trials of the first GM crops in Ghana, ruling in favour of Food sovereignty Ghana.

This is the second victory in a row. It would be recalled that the defendants, after failing to throw out the case in the Appeals Court on the grounds that the ruling on the interlocutory injunction against the intended realise of BT Cowpea and GM Rice until the final determination of the suit, arguing that the court ruling had determined the entire case.

This time, the defendants had raised issues dealing with the jurisdiction of the High Court to deliberate on the case, Food Sovereignty Ghana & 3 others Vs National Biosafety Committee & 4 others, against the commercialisation of genetically modified crops (GM crops) in Ghana. They cited Section 26 of the Biosafety Act 831 which establishes a tribunal for resolving issues relating to bio-engineering and technology.

In her ruling the judge upheld the right of FSG to seek appropriate redress from the Human Rights Court, insisting that the Food sovereignty Ghana’s suit is not pre-mature as the jurisdiction of the court has been properly invoked.

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The people of Nadowli yesterday, 15th May, 2019 witnessed a dreadful flood after a heavy downpour. The rain started at about 4:30pm and ended at about 5:40pm. The over an hour cats and dogs rain, left many residents of Nadowli, the District Capital of the Nadowli/Kaleo District terrified.

Areas around the Nadowli District Hospital were badly affected as water had risen to waist level. Some people did not have it easy going into their houses or coming out.

A small dam along the Nadowli-Wa road overflown it’s banks and had taken over houses around the area for hours before the water levels went down.

Another area that was heavily flooded was Nawuli specifically around Ivy Maria, a popular Guest House and drinking spot. The flood had engulfed the houses and stores around the area, leaving many residents in fear. Checks reveals that no live was lost.

Surprisingly, the big gutters that were choked barricaded free movement of the water. This forced the water to piled up and ended up flooding the streets as well, particularly, along the main junction.

Looking at the nature of the flood that occurred, it would have been catastrophic if the rain had continued beyond the time it stopped.

Residents of Nadowli and the District Assembly must begin to think of ways of preventing any future occurrences because every indication shows that if care is not taken, the town could record a dangerous flood especially that we are going into an era of regular and heavy rains.

Many houses are also spotted along water ways particularly around the main dam and along the hospital area. Checks are yet to be done whether the town and country planning department of the Nadowli/Kaleo District Assembly sanctioned the building of houses in those areas.


Further checks this morning reveals that the water is gone and many affected households are at ease now.

Mother is not a mere Creature to joke with – Hon. ASK Bagbin

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Member of Parliament (MP) for the Nadowli-Kaleo Constituency, Hon. ASK Bagbin, celebrates this year’s Mothers Day at Naro, a village under the Nadowli-Kaleo District in the Upper West Region.

The event took place on 12th May, 2019 and the Hon. Bagbin together with some top NDC Executives of the Nadowli-Kaleo Constituency, observes the day with the theme; ‘MaSung’, which means Good mother.

The ceremony was also attended by some white foreign Executives, from the Netherlands.

This year’s edition is the third of its kind, as it’s been celebrated since establishment in 2016, and was not been able to be celebrated last year, 2018.

This years celebrations came with much honours put together by Hon. ASK Bagbin with support from a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) known as ‘NobleCare Foundation’ and others.


Madam Signaa Serah, C.E.O of Noble Care Foundation and a beneficiary of the award scheme, who first opened a word before the MP, therefore ceased the opportunity, and highly commend Hon. MP for the good initiative engineered in order to put up smiles on the faces of the good women of the Nadowli-Kaleo District which come to play each year during this time.

She further cautioned her fellow women to be conscious of provocative utterances to their children. “Mothers’ tongues are very powerful, your tongue can either be a blessing or a curse upon your child. So, don’t insult and provoke your Children whenever they erred.”

Addressing the gathering, the 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament (MP), Hon. Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, first acknowledged the unprecedented roles women play in the society.

He said that “if anyone points his/her left finger towards his/her mother, then he/she doesn’t know where he/she comes from”, which means that, mothers are so essential and needed to be treated with tender love and absolute dignity.

“Mother is not just a mere creature; she is the most essential among all in the society” Hon. Bagbin appraised.

He however, condemned the illicit habit cultivated by some men, beating their wives, to put a stop to it.

He added that, women have a natural stage called ‘menopause’, which makes them get quickly irritated. “When in that state, some people accused them of witch craft”.

Hon. Bagbin therefore charge the congregation, to halt downgrading women in the society, as what all this day, ‘mothers day’ stands for.

Hon. Bagbin therefore, awarded ten (10) outstanding women from different communities within the District, who have worked tirelessly for both motherly survival and service towards the general development of the Nadowli-Kaleo District at large.

The items presented to the awardees include pieces of cloth, foodstuffs, cooking oil, milk, plates etc together with citations to each of the awardees.

Likewise, the former awardees who benefited from the award scheme, celebrated every year on mothers day, also gave a present to the lawmaker, with a local costume popularly known as ‘Dagakparoo’ (smock) in order to also signify their pleasure and satisfaction of performances, and humanity that he has demonstrated in the entire Nadowli-Kaleo District.

Hon. Bagbin, although being a politician, and his followers didn’t show any sign of partisanship or campaign, throughout the entire event.

W935fm’s DJ Galaxy, crowned Best Radio DJ at the 8th edition of Foklex Media Awards

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Ebenezer Bachor, popularly known as DJ Galaxy, has been crowned best Radio DJ of the year at the 8th edition of Foklex Media Awards that took place on Saturday April 13, at National theater, Accra.

DJ Galaxy is also known with the brand name *Village boy DJ mostly when live on W935fm.

‘The Village boy’ was nominated together with five other DJs from the Upper West region to battle for the crown.

For a period of five weeks voting, DJ Galaxy had the highest votes and was adjudged the best radio DJ who has indeed worked very hard this year and deserved the crown.

The event was live on Angel TV and DJ Galaxy who was present at the event received the award.

DJ Galaxy kicked off his career with private radio station W935fm in …. and has risen up the ranks at such a fast pace. He is also the official DJ for Streetwise Entertainment, a music record label in the Upper West region.

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Hon Sebastian Sandaare Addresses Party Executives in Issa and Kojokperi

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The Daffiama-Bussie- Issa member of Parliament, Hon Sebastian Sandaare yesterday, 14th May, 2019 visited party supporters in Issa and Kojokperi zones. The visit was a continua toon of his engagements with party supporters in the constituency over the gruesome murder of the constituency Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Mr. Richard Puolabong.
The Member of Parliament earlier this week visited Daffiama, Bussie and Fian zone.

He appealed to party supporters who are overly devastated and shocked over the infamous incident, to keep calm as investigation is being done by the appropriate authority to possibly arrest the perpetrators of that heinous act.

The Member of Parliament lamented over the increasing levels of insecurity in the country and admonished the NDC supporters and all constituents to take very good care of themselves. He mentioned ” we all have been hearing and reading about the insecurity in this country, we have heard of murder cases but I least expected that such issues of murder would ever happen in this constituency. You must be careful of your own security.”

The Daffiama-Bussie-Issa member of Parliament again urged the party supporters not to be discouraged from working assiduously for the NDC in the constituency and that the only way the soul of Chairman Puolobong would rest well is when party executives and supporters finish what he (Chairman) left unfinished, which was to ensure that the NDC wins the 2020 elections in the constituency.

He reiterated his commitment to giving a very befitting burial to the late chairman.

Other dignitaries who were at the function: the former District Chief Executive, Hon Fedelis Zumapkee, Constituency Secretary, James Wor, the Vice Constituency Chairman, Muoh Samba and many other constituency executives all urged members to remain calm and use the opportunity to amend any differences to build a solid team for victory.

Updates on the funeral arrangement was also communicated to the party executives and supporters.

Party members assured the Member of Parliament and the Constituency Executives of their unalloyed support in this trying times and indicated that they would continue to pray for the perpetrators to be exposed.


On Wednesday 8th May, 2019, around 9:35 to 10:00pm, the entire Upper West Region, particularly the people of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa were shocked over the news of the murder of Chairman Richard Bayiviele Puolabong.

The late Chairman was returning from a funeral in his constituency with some other executives when some unknown assailants stopped his car and shot at him leading to his death around a village called Sagu, along the Wa-Hain road. The driver of the car also sustained some gun wounds. Three other persons who were in the car were not affected.

The police has since been investigating the matter while the body of the late chairman is deposited at the Wa Regional Hospital Mortuary. Funeral arrangement are still underway.


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The member of parliament for Daffiama-Bussie-Issa constituency, Hon Sebastian Sandaare was yesterday, 12th May, 2019 visiting some parts of the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa constituency, calming down nerves of party executives and supporters that have been overly devasted over the gruesome murder of Mr. Richard Bayiviele Puolabong, popularly called “Chairman water water” who was the constituency chairman for National Democratic Congress in the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa constituency.

Interacting with the party supporters who massed up at the Daffiama area council, the member of parliament admonished all to exercise constraints as investigation is being conducted by the Ghana Police Service. He added ” I am ready to support the security agencies to conduct a vigorous investigation and to possibly arrest the perpetrators of this destardly act”.

Speaking while in tears, Hon Sandaare mentioned that the chairman was killed in his line of duty for the party and the entire NDC in the constituency is deeply devastated. “A great party leader is gone.” he lamented. He again encouraged members of the National Democratic Congress not to give up what they started with Chairman Water before his untimely death adding that the only way that the soul of the late chairman would rest is  when justice is delivered in this matter and when members continue to work to bring the NDC back to power because he left an unfinished business for the love of party, country and the people of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa.

Many of the supporters and party leaders around could not hold themselves in tears. Many were weeping in pain.

The former District Chief Executive, Hon Fedelis Zumakpee, Former Member of Parliament, Hon Mathias Puozaa, Hon Batholomy, and all the NDC Constituency Executives for Daffiama-Bussie-Issa were all present.

The team led by the Member of parliament also visited Bussie and Fian zones for similar purposes. Other zones to be visited by the Member of Parliament and his team are Issa and Kojokpere zones.


On Wednesday 8th May, 2019, around 9:35 to 10:00pm, the entire Upper West Region, particularly the people of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa were shocked over the news of the murder of Chairman Richard Bayiviele Puolabong.

 The late Chairman was returning from a funeral in his constituency with some other executives when some unknown assailants stopped his car and shot at him leading to his death around a village called Sagu, along the Wa-Hain road. The driver of the car also sustained some gun wounds. Three other persons who were in the car were not affected.

 The police has since been investigating the matter while the body of the late chairman is deposited at the Wa Regional Hospital Mortuary. Funeral arrangement are still under.

Awake for unity and social development for Tomorrow – Dagaaba Youth Association (DAYA), STK District branch

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The Dagaabas of all origins, communities residing within the Gonjaland and beyond, on Saturday, 4th May, 2019 gathered at Tuna, under the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District, now in the Savanna Region, unveiled their official mouthpiece and advocacy Group dubbed ‘Dagaaba Youth Association (DAYA).

The ceremony brought together, dignitaries across the STK district that includes; the Great Tunawura (Chief of Tuna), Hon. Alhaji Mumuni Isaac Dramani, representative of His loyalty, Paramount Chief of Bole Traditional Area, Yiram Abdulai Issahaku Kant, and the media, graced and marked the day memorable and successful.

The occasion however, attracted a lot of Dagaabas all over the STK District and beyond, came out in their numbers and displayed their culture, in order to showcase unity and solidarity as one family, despite their slight differences.

DAYA consists of all dialects of Dagaare which inlcudes; the Nandomee, Jirpaalee, Dagawille, Nadowlee, and others.


Addressing the gathering, Mr. Zoyaare John, President of DAYA, has indicated that, like other Associations, the Dagaaba Youth Association also have its Aims and Objectives.

He stated that, first and foremost, the Association is formed “to bring together all Dagaabas of all origins but found within the jurisdiction of Gonjaland and related areas.

Secondly, DAYA is formed “to let us realise the oneness in Dagao rather than the dialectical and geographical distinctions differentiating us….”.

He also said that, the association is a non-partisan and non-political affiliated group and should not be influenced by any political group to disintegrate it.

“It is an association of brotherhood and sisterhood, identifying ourselves culturally and socially and try to see how we can be useful to one another any where we find ourselves” he stated.

However, for the association to ignite full operations, a nine members branch executives were sworn in by the Patron of the entire association, Mr. Dassah Felix to coordinate and manage its activities.

The nine member branch executives sworn into the various portfolios are;
President – Mr. Zoyaare John, Vice President – Mr. Mulnye John, Secretary – Mr. Kaafaa Dramani, Vice Secretary – Mr. Bobordine Blaise Zinepuo and Organiser – Mr. Andaarasaah Charles.

The rest are Women Organiser – Mad. Dayan Faustina, Deputy Women Organiser – Mad. Dart Genevieve, Treasurer – Mad. Ansoayiri Cynthia and Financial Secretary – Mr. Yendoh Emmanuel.

Mr. Zoyaare, President (DAYA), declared that the Association is blessed to have “a well experienced, well informed, cultured and law abiding gentleman, Mr. Dassah Felix as its Patron”.

He further hinted that, there is also a disciplinary committee board, for the Association, in maintaining justice and commitment of the executives.

The Association is mindful of the fact that “we are the baby-last in the Gonjaland; we are therefore making a passionate appeal to the already existing associations such as the Gonjaland Youth Association for which we are part, the Brifor Youth Association and Vagla Youth Association that, we deserve the baby-last protection, guidance and support so that we can nurture well and partner with you to develop STK and Savanna Region for that matter”. Mr. Zoyaare indicated.

After a long text read by Mr. Zoyaare, President (DAYA), therefore concluded stating that, “by the powers vested in me as the president of the Association, I Mr. Zoyaare John on behave of the Patron, executives….. and all Dagaabas in the Gonjaland and beyond, Mr. Chairman permit me to declare the Dagaaba Youth Association (DAYA) duly launched with the theme: “Awake for unity and social development For tomorrow”.


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The MOBILE TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORK (MTN) in Ghana, chose 30th of April, to be their customer outreach day, where Management would have to seek concerns from their customers with regards to their services.

This falls in line with the MTN National theme, which is the year of the customer. The day was observed for the first time in the NORTHERN REGION and the third time in the COUNTRY.

The program brought together all leaders and Agents of MTN from across the region to the Taxi Rank of TAMALE township where they were dispatched in groups of ten, to go round the town engaging the customers to seek their concerns and also introduce their services to them.

Agents were given sheets of papers to jot down concerns of customers such that management will be able to address them appropriately.

The program which started at 8am, ended at 2pm and was accompanied with refreshments for agents and media present.

At the end of the program, customers applauded the service and raised some concerns that management should consider and work them out for them.

Some of these concerns raised include; the difficulty that one has to pass through before getting a mobile money account, poor network in rural areas and the fraudulent activities in mobile money services.

Mr. Mahamadu Laar, the mobile money activation manager of the region, thanked the agents for their efforts in bringing the program to a success and added that they would work out all the concerns raised by customers.

Some of the agents, also expressed their joy for the care that their leaders showed them, through out the program.

Discipleship goes beyond bringing people to Church – Rev. Emmanuel Atami*

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Rev. Emmanuel Batiesim Atami, Chairperson of the UPPER PRESBYTERY of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana  has indicated that, bringing  people to Church is not real discipleship, but rather putting in place measures that can help them live the life of JESUS CHRIST.

Speaking at the 9th Presbytery Conference held in Wa, that brought together Ministers of the Gospel and Lay Preachers within the  Upper East, Upper West and Parts of the Northern Region.

He however stated that Christians must go beyond the habit of filling Churches with people but should as well build them such that they can follow the footsteps of the Lord JESUS CHRIST. He was quick to add stating that, “it might not be as simple and smooth as we wish, but we should all endeavor to renew our energies and continue with the task”.

Rev. Robert Akolbugri, on behalf of the ASSEMBLIES OF GOD CHURCH said “We are living in an era when the love of GOD has gone cold and the love for material things is now the focus”.

He added that the youth today have become so vulnerable because of the current situation of high rate of unemployment in the country.

He lamented that this has left the youth with no option than to make it by all means possible, which led to the increasing rate of Social vices in the UPPER WEST REGION and some victims even fall to false prophets who promise them greener pastures.

Delivering a message on behalf of Pentecost  Church, Pastor Henry K. Takyi made a statement saying that everyone wants to be a prophet and only a few have the energy in them to do discipleship.

He said “though we have more Christians in Ghana, but activities such as Corruption, land degradation, Galamsey, armed robbery and others exist amongst them because,  Christians do not want to live like Christ.

He however commended the Presbyterian Church of Ghana for its discipline nature.

The National Mission and Evangelism Director therefore donated thirty bicycles to the UPPER PRESBYTERY to support Missions in carrying out its discipline activities.

This year’s conference was on the theme *“Go And Make Disciples of All Nation! Pursuing this Mandate with Renewed Energy”*

GNPC Foundation donates 10 constructed boreholes to some communities in Upper West.

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GNPC Foundation which is responsible for the implementation of the social and cooperate responsibility, has commissioned and handed over ten newly constructed boreholes to ten communities in the Upper West Region.

The beneficiary communities includes: Tanpieni, Sojadauyiri, Jijen, Challu, Pieng, Bu Possim, Nabullo, Bawiesibelle, among others.
At Tanpieni, residents especially women, could not hide their joy as they sang and danced at a brief ceremony as one of the ten boreholes was handed over to the community. The women in the community recounted how they used to travel long distances in search of portable water.
“It is such a great relief to have a borehole right at my door step, now my daughter can go to school on time,” one woman said.
The Wa Municipal chief executive, Mr. Issahaku Moomin Tahiru conceded that access to portable water has always been a major challenge in Tanpieni until GNPC’s intervention. The MCE however assured the donors of the assembly’s collaboration in maintaining the boreholes.

Head of environment and social amenities at GNPC Foundation, Patience Lartey who led the team, encouraged residents to make good use of the borehole and also practice good maintenance culture.
The team in the company of the executive director of GNPC foundation arrived at the next community, Sojadauyiri to a rousing welcome by residents; who were anxiously waiting to draw water from the new borehole.
In his address, the executive director of GNPC foundation, Dr Dominic Eduah revealed that the foundation has constructed 100 boreholes across the country with the aim of providing portable water to deprived communities in Ghana.
Dr. Eduah expressed optimism that the intervention by GNPC Foundation will go a long way to reduce reliance on unsafe water sources in the country.
The team however proceeded to the Sissala East Municipality and the other beneficiary communities on the same mission.

*Wildfire is a threat to afforestation in Upper West Region*

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Mr. Francis Brobbey, the District Manager of Forestry Commission, Lawra, has indicated that the major threat to afforestation in the Upper West Region is wildfire and as such appropriate measures must be taken to avoid it if not minimise it.

It is in line with this that, the Lawra District of the Ghana Forestry Commission under the Sustainable Land and Water Management Project, organised a capacity building programme in Wa. The aim of the programme was to enlarge the knowledge base of farmers who are beneficiaries of the project, Chiefs and as well as opinion leaders who matter as far as the project is concern.

Briefing participants during the programme, Mr. Francis Brobbey said, the Sustainable Land and Water Management Project which will last for an initial five years started in 2015 and will end in 2020, but was quick to add that there is a high likelihood that the project duration will be extended in year 2020.

He said the project is currently ongoing in the Daffiama/Bussie/Issa District and the Wa East District of the Upper West Region.

He again added, the capacity building included a local study tour for participants to learn from other beneficiaries on how they nurtured their seedlings in other to be abreast with the right nurturing practices that will go a long way to helping the progress of the project of the Forestry Commission.

According to him, the Lawra District alone intends to plant of about 500,000 trees this year.

He finally challenged participants to act positively towards the project success.

However, participants lamented over suspected cases of arson on project fields and suggested that by-laws be enacted and enforced by community leaders so as to ensure the success of the project.

According to them, hunters should as well be educated on the negative implications of wildfire so as to curb them from setting project fields and the bush in general on fire for games.

The tour covered Kataa, Banungoma and Bayiri communities in Wa East District and Jimpensi and Jolinyiri in Daffiama/Bussie/Issa District where participants had practical experience on what is done at the fields.

The participants also learnt that practices such as topsoil backfill after digging a pit before planting seedlings, “moon shape” creation, mulching, fencing, watering seedlings or plants during dry season, farming on the plantation and fire protection measures around the plantation and how all these are employed for better growth of trees in the Upper West Region.

Lamentations of a Mortuary Man

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A mortuary attendant at the Wa regional hospital, Mr Seuye Dari has expressed regret over what he describes as neglect by the hospital authorities after he allegedly contracted a strange disease in the course of his duty. In an exclusive interview with W93.5FM, Mr Dari accused hospital authorities of not providing mortuary attendants with protective clothing and other relevant logistics thereby exposing them to the risk of contracting diseases from dead bodies.
Mr Dari believes his constant exposure to dead bodies was the cause of his “strange skin disease”. Whiles narrating his trauma, Dari pulled up his shirt to reveal a startling sore around his waist which he claimed hospital authorities denied him medical attention. “After I complained to authorities about my ordeal, I was denied any medical attention instead I was asked to go and treat myself and report back to work”.

  • Mr. Dari further accused the hospital authorities of not paying his salaries and other allowances for the past four months. “In spite of my condition, I have not been paid my salary for the past four months so how do you expect me to go and treat myself”? He asked.
    When W93.5FM contacted the regional hospital authorities, the regional medical director Dr Banabass Gandau said the issue of the “sick mortuary man” has not been brought to his attention. “I’m not aware at all, the mortuary men do not need permission from anyone to see me or even call me to their homes” Dr Gandau however gave the assurance he will personally make sure the issue is solved immediately.
    This revelation comes at time morticians in public hospitals across the country are agitating for better working conditions. It will be recalled that mortuary workers union recently declared a nationwide strike to demand an improvement in their working conditions. In the Upper West Region, the mortuary workers demanded to be enrolled into government payroll and also provided with protective clothing and other logistics before they rescind their decision.

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Provide Us with Mechanized Boreholes- Fire Service Appeals to Assemblies

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The Ghana National Fire Service in the Upper West region, have appealed to municipal and district assemblies to provide the various fire stations with mechanized boreholes and storage facilities. According to statistics from the Upper West regional fire office, about 95% of fire fighting in the region involves the use of water. However, the scarcity of water remains one of the biggest challenges of the service in the region.

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Azumah Resources Ghana Ltd renovates Kalsegra J.H.S block

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Residents, especially teachers and pupils of Kalsegra Junior High School in the Nadowli/Kaleo district of the Upper West Region, were filled with joy after Azumah Resources Ghana Ltd, a gold prospecting company, officially handed over a 3 unit classroom it had renovated for the community.

  1. The Kalsegra Junior High School block had its roof ripped off by a rainstorm in September 2018. The situation compelled school authorities to combine several classes in one room whiles others attended classes under trees. The initiative was based on the request of the community and in line with the cooperate goals of the company to compliment government’s effort in the educational sector.

Mr Benjamin Antungmene, headmaster of Kalsegra Junior High School, explained that the gesture by the gold prospecting company has brought hope and relief to Kalsegra and its environs. “The renovation of this school block will definitely make teaching and learning more effective.” Mr Antungmene recounted how several appeals to government and NGOs yielded no results.

Other residents recounted similar benevolence by Azumah Resources Ghana limited, one of such individuals is the unit committee chairman of Kalsegra, Mr Paschal Nang-Welle “This same company supported our health centre with health consumables, they donated cement for the construction of a wall around our KG block and now renovated our 3 unit classroom block.” The chief of Kalsegra, Naa Louis Panepoge, particularly encouraged residents to show appreciation to the company by giving it the needed assistance. “We wouldn’t have cooperated with Azumah if their activities were not beneficial to the community at large,” the chief emphasized.

Community Relations officer for Azumah Resources Ghana limited, Mr Solomon Dery indicated that the gesture was part of the company’s social responsibility to communities within its operational area. According to Mr Solomon, it cost the company GH¢21,000.00 to renovate the 3 unit classroom block. He therefore charged the community to plant more trees around the school to serve as a windbreak which can protect the school building against such disasters.

Azumah Resources Ghana limited is a gold exploration company that has been prospecting for the precious mineral in parts of the Upper West Region since 2005, some of its operational areas include Wa East, Wa West, Nandom, Jirapa, Lawra and the Nadowli/Kaleo district.

Sports Minister inspects work progress at Wa Youth Resource Centre

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The Minister of Sports, Isaac Kwame Asiamah has paid a visit to the site of the Wa Youth & Sport Resource Centre to ascertain the progress of work done by the contractor. After touring the facility, Mr Asiamah expressed satisfaction at the work done so far, though the contractor has exceeded the initial nine month schedule. According to the Minister, the contract duration has been extended by five months due to some technical challenges encountered by the contractor. Mr Asiamah believes the center when completed, will help unearth and promote talents in the Upper West Region. ”This region has been deprived of such infrastructure for a long time so I am happy that government is intervening in the provision of sports infrastructure for the Upper West Region, talents are here, skills are here so Ghana will benefit ultimately.”

The project when completed will be a 5000 capacity multi-purpose mini stadium with tennis and basketball pitches. Other facilities will include shops, restaurant, counselling hall, changing rooms and offices.
The supervising consultant, Mr Joe Hackman believes the project will be completed within the “extended period” so it can be commissioned simultaneously with similar projects across the country.
Similar projects are being constructed in all the regions across the country.

We are hungry for power – Delegates in Sissala West Cry to Bagbin

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Sissala West constituency of the Upper West Region have called on the 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin to free them from what they referred to as “political hunger”.

According to the Vice Chairman of the constituency, Mr Alhassan Bakpadumah, NDC is languishing in opposition because of neglect of the grass root party supporters. This they claim has demoralised most of the hitherto active supporters and has also made the party unattractive to non party members. Some other delegates recalled the leadership role played by Mr. Bagbin whiles the party was in opposition from 2001– 2008.

”You have done it before, we need you to do it again “ the delegates insisted. The delegates believed Mr. Bagbin has diagnosed the problem with the party and deserves the support of all delegates to solve it.
The Sissala west delegates made these remarks during an interaction with the aspirant in Gwollu.

Mr. Bagbin is on a three day tour of the Upper West region to interact and share with delegates his message towards the upcoming NDC presidential primaries. The Sissala West Constituency was his second point of call.

The message of the delegates was so reassuring that no person present was left in doubt that the constituency has fallen to Hon. Bagbin.

By Aziz Pelpuo



Mass destruction of Shea trees in Kolingu

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Women in Kolingu, a farming community in the Dorimon traditional area of the Wa West district have resorted to cutting down shea tree for charcoal. Although charcoal burning is not strange in the district, the rate at which shea trees are been fell for charcoal in Kolingu community is alarming. A team from W93.5FM who recently visited the community witnessed several shea trees been fell for commercial charcoal production.
Some of the women who spoke to W93.5FM claimed they resort to charcoal burning because there is no alternative source of livelihood especially during the dry season. ”After the farming season we have nothing else to do than cut these trees for charcoal, we can’t even go into dry season gardening because there is no dam in this community.” The situation which is prevalent in several other communities within the Dorimon electoral area has compelled traditional authorities to pass a by law which prohibit the cutting of shea trees for any purpose.
Speaking exclusively to W93.5FM, the assembly member for the area Olinaa Ababaasa bemoaned the situation and promised to fight the menace with the help of his unit committee. Olinaa further explained that the situation is difficult to deal with because most of the culprits are the wives of very influential people in the society.
The” shea plant” is the most important commercial tree in the Wa West district mostly with women as beneficiaries. It is therefore contradictory to see women destroying the very source of their livelihooh.

By: Ras Bob Pelpuo
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School Matron Arrested On Suspicion Of Stealing Food Items.

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School Matron Arrested On Suspicion Of Stealing Food Items.

A matron at the Wa Technical Institute along with two accomplices (names withheld) are in police grips for allegedly stealing food items belonging to the school. Their arrest was based on a tip off by some staff of the school in collaboration with an advocacy group,”Yirimanbo”. The suspects were caught with food items including bags of rice, sugar, cartons of milk and boxes of tin tomatoes suspected to have been stolen from the school’s pantry. The suspects were caught whiles transporting the booty in the school’s Mahindra pick-up truck; registration number GV-1134 Z to an unknown destination.

Some school staff members who spoke to W93.5FM, claimed the matron has the habit of stealing food items from the store room which they believe is shared with some influential persons in the school.

The suspects have since been granted police inquiry bail pending further investigations.


by: Ras Aziz Pelpuo