[huge_it_videogallery id=”1″] W93.5 is a cutting edge infotainment radio station committed to enhancing the socio-cultural life of people living in the Upper West region. We are the first private commercial radio station in Wa and currently transmit at 1kW which covers approx. 80% of the Upper West region.

W93.5 is committed to entertaining listeners through music, arts and cultural programming. We highlight the artistic talent of the community by showcasing local artists covering a spectrum of expression from traditional to experimental- reflecting the diverse cultures we serve.

Daily, we strive to provide quality reporting on local, national and international issues including ample live coverage and field reporting methods all of which inspire us to unearth the untold stories of the region. Our commitment to providing accurate, reliable and valuable information, particularly to women, the youth, farmers and the business community underpins everything we do. Our vision is to be a valued, vital and vibrant radio service that aims to advance the economic, civic and cultural development of the communities we serve